This is a page for the things I’m currently working on, or thinking about:

Generative Video Editor (Active)

Traditional video editors are made to create a single, static video. What would a video editor for generative video look like? I’ve been building this for a while now.

Self-Driving Skatepark (Exploring)

I’ve been building a self-driving skatepark for a while now. The idea is, a fleet of ramps drive themselves, following you to your destination. As you skate there, they stop, lower themselves on to the ground, allowing you to hit them on the way.

Cyclist / Pedestrian Protection Robot (Active)

Similarly, a robot platform that follows you as you cycle to your destination, creating a 3 foot barrier between you and any vehicles. Record threatening vehicles, and eventually, protect you in the event of an imminent collision.

(I just submitted an SBIR Phase I proposal for this, and have been working on the implementation details.)

Skateboarding and Skateparks (Active)

I’ve been skateboarding for over 20 years now, and the majority of that has occured in skateparks. I think skateparks are a special place in the United States, where a diverse group of ages hang out, and play in a non-competitive way.

In the best case, a skatepark is a place for people to build each other up and see what they’re capable of. I like to take this environment with me, and bring it back to software.