Learn Python the Fun Way

Who says learning programming has to be boring?

Learn by making art, and finally become a real programmer.

Forget learning with print statements dry math puzzles. Let's learn programming the fun way-- through art!

The world needs more creative programmers, not more mindless drones. Unleash your creativity with the power of computers, and learn what it's like to see the world from the other side, from the mind of a real programmer.

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Make Art with Python
Make Art with Python


Forget learning programming with stupid print statements and math challenges. Instead, learn real world Python programming by building art software.

Draw and share images with your friends as you learn.

Learn Programming the
Better Way

Learning shouldn't be boring.

Programming is really wizardry, and it's time we started respecting people who want to learn programming as the wizardlings they are.

Because programming is about controlling the world with your mind. And the best way to learn about controlling things with your mind is taking away the rules.

We'll start step by step, because there is so much to know. We'll go through how programming works, from getting your programming environment set up, to running and sharing your code. Here's a big secret: programming is really only just writing. You write things in text files, and then you run a program that reads your text files and turns it into artwork. Or emojis. Or software that controls drones.

Do you want to build a robot? You'll be able to do that when you learn programming. You'll be able to build web servers, and apps that help people take selfies, and so much more. We'll walk through beginning the journey together, talking about why we write code one way, so you're not left guessing which path is the right path.

If you don't think you can teach yourself with the book, think again. All the other programmers in the world are too. Nobody can sit alone for you, working on your programs until they work. It's just a matter of putting in the work every day, to learn just a little bit more. If you stick with it, you will make progress.

The six seven most important things you’ll learn in the book:

  1. Setting Up Your Programming Environment
  2. Drawing to the Screen
  3. Getting Input from the Mouse and Keyboard
  4. Classes and Functions
  5. Looping and Variables
  6. Sharing What You've Made
  7. Having fun!

Example Art

  • Chapter 4. From drawing our first dot, called a pixel, to making our first line.
  • Chapter 5. From the lines to drawing our first shapes using the keyboard.
  • Chapter 7. Drawing our shapes in new ways
  • Chapter 9. Tracing our first image
  • Chapter 11. Animating our artwork
  • Bonus Chapter. Glitching images with Python


Finally, a way to learn programming that doesn't suck.

About The Author

KP Kaiser
KP Kaiser
Creative Developer

KP Kaiser has been doing creative programming for over 10 years. He was the lead backend developer at Triller, a music video app, and a weird app called Somebody before that. He's scaled creative apps from zero to millions of users.

He was also the sole developer on an iPhone app that explored tracking the human mind during meditation using raw physiological measurements. The first product available from these experiments was Buddha Mind, an iPhone app which incorporated a Bluetooth LE heart rate monitor to measure and track your Heart Rate Variability during meditation.

He skateboards whenever not programming or shooting photos. He's hiked the first half of the Appalachian Trail, lived in the Panamanian rain forest, and backpacked most of central america. He eats a lot of everything bagels.